Why this blog?

I’ve loved science and math for as long as I can remember. And the best part of science and math, in my book, is seeing how you can use it to piece together how the world works.

There are a lot of computer blogs for technerds, but when I went back to school to get my Master’s in Computer Science, I couldn’t find blogs that explained things for people who were curious but had no intention of becoming expert in the subject. Topics like DNS, server-side scripting, how computer hardware works, and how programs are written have a huge effect on all of our lives every day. And knowing how some of these things work is not only interesting, but can affect decisions you make about your tech life. Thus, this blog.

I have an ulterior motive in writing this blog, too. I find that when I have to explain a concept to someone else, it really solidifies my understanding of the topic. So you are really helping me to study. Thank you! You can help me even more by asking questions, pointing me to new resources, and gently telling me when I’ve stuck my foot in my mouth.

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